martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Our Challenge Begins now!

A Dark Play?

Why should I care about Hamlet?

Playing Hamlet is like going to the Olympics for an actor.

The play tells the story of Prince Hamlet. But Hamlet's no party-boy prince:
When the action begins, we discover that:
His dad has been murdered by his own brother!

And it gets worse:
                             Claudius, the murderer has married Hamlet's mom, Gertrude

So, what's a prince to do ...?
 1. Hang out with Dad's ghost?
2. Feign madness?
 3. Dump girlfriend because he doesn’t trust her?,
4. Accuse Mom of treachery and kill her?
5. Kill Uncle/Stepdad/King Claudius?
Whew!  No wonder he drags his feet!

… For us it is like talking to someone we know:
How is Hamlet like us? Give three examples


Right from the beginning of Hamlet, 
Shakespeare creates a dark atmosphere.

Choose the facts that make us a feel sad, melancholy ... dark 

1.The first scene takes place in the dark, at midnight

2. Elsinore Castle is a dark , gloomy place
3. There are men on watch, “What are they watching for?
4. A ghost appears at the very beginning
5. There is suspense because we do not know what he wants
6. Hamlet feels a lot of pressure not to fail his father
7. Hamlet doesn’t like the guy his mum has remarried
8. Hamlet talks to himself a lot
9. Hamlet is dressed in mourning
10. Hamlet is having a teenage crisis
11. Hamlet believes that he is living in a world of corruption
12. Hamlet doesn’t know what to do with his life
13. Hamlet has got a crush on a girl and he believes she’s cheating on him
14. Hamlet thinks he is being deceived by everyone around him
15. The scene in the gravedigger’s is morbid.

domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Indiana Jones Staying Alive

1st scene

Answer these Questions:

1.   Where have the men in the cave been doing?
2.   What has young Indiana decided to do?
3.   What has happened with the whip?
4.   What has his father told him to do?

Who has said these sentences? 
And put them in order too

1.   Oh, look at it?
2.   What is it?
3.   I don’t think it is such a good idea!
4.   Run back and find the others
5.   That cross … belongs in a museum
6.   It’s only a snake
7.   Have him bring the sheriff
8.   Everybody is lost but me!
9.   Dig with your hands, not with your mouth
10. No way out of this
11. This should be in a museum
12. Give it back!
13. Ok kid! Out of the box, now!
14. Coronado is dead and so are all his grandchildren!


2nd Scene
Answer these questions:
1.   Why has he spoken with that accent?
2.   Why has he hit the butler?
3.   Why has his father started a fire?
4.   How have they got into that room?

Who has said these sentences? 
And put them in order too

1.   The man is deaf
2.   How dare he!
3.   I am Mickey Mouse!
4.   And we have many tapestries.
5.   There are tapestries!
6.   Are you expected?
7.   Our situation has not improved
8.   I’m almost free
9.   And the chair
10. The floor is on fire
11. They got us
12. More or less
13. Son I’m sorry
14. Are we hit?
15. Should try reading books instead of burning them!
16. What are you hiding?
17. Search him

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

State of Alabama

What do we know about Alabama?

Next Monday we’ll talk about this State’s history;

  • who lived there  before the Europeans arrived;
  • what Spanish explorer was the first to get there and when; also what was the negative effect on the inhabitants; 
  • when it became a State and what side it took in the Civil War;
  • why figures like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, or George Washington Carver, are important in the State of Alabama;
  • what motto, flag, flower, bird and tree represent this State;
  • why rockets are part of Alabama.

    Big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin ...
Singing songs about the Southland

I miss Alabama once again
And I think it's a sin, 
yea ...

Sweet Home Alabama

This a very famous song that also has become a symbol of this State
The song has an interesting story of its own
Find out who wrote it, and why there was a controversy about the song
Please make a comment on the singers' looks

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Accidentally in Love, or … Tense Practice!

I.   Sing the song! Sing it several times at home. If you practice you’ll sound wonderfully.
II. These verbs are used in the song. Write down senteces where they appear.

say  , know , think  , take , cure,  make , 
turn around , face, follow, be after, run , 
come , melt, surrender, mean , move, hear , 
whisper, settle down, jump, feel .

III.  Write down all the comparative adjectives
IV.  Write down all the verbs in the imperative

V.     Go to our Aula XXI site and find the task you’ve got to do with some of those verbs.

domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

Let's listen, talk and... sing

Academy Award for Best Original Song
Group work
Once upon a time ..., What was the problem with Elsa in “Frozen”?

Compare both versions. What voice do you like best? What rhythm?
Listen to the song without looking at the lyrics, what version do you understand better?
Pair work:
Find synonyms for these words: glow, howl, swirl, conceal, hold back, slam, rage, bother
Put these sentences in order:
1.          Don’t let them see
2.        Heaven knows I’ve tried
3.        It looks like I’m the queen
4.        The wind is howling
5.        I don’ care
6.        Not a footprint
7.        The snow glows white
8.        Conceal, don’t feel
9.        Turn away and slam the door
   10.      Let the storm rage on